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Other Goods

From felted balls to seat covers, you will find unique and functional creations that don't fit cleanly into a general category.

The vest is made of 100% hand spun wool yarn which is then hand woven with a subtle rainbow stripe around the bottom and finally felted to give the finished fabric a nice firm feel.

The chair pad is made of 100% hand spun wool yarn which has been hooked into a hummingbird image.

Hand spun yarn is 50% wool / 50% llama.

100% hand felted wool balls - use as dryer balls to reduce drying time - or - use as natural scented moth balls (spritz with a favorite essential oil, herb or cedar and refresh every few months)

Framed, hand woven fabric swatches each display subtle color and design differences.

"Wyoming Sunflower" is 100% hand spun, hand dyed wool woven into a sunflower tapestry.

"Wyoming meteor shower from the mountain-top"  is needle felted onto 100% hand spun, hand dyed weft woven onto cotton warp.

Like what you see?

Happy Fleece prides itself on creating one of a kind products that are each original and uniquely detailed. With each piece comes experimentation and a creative twist, so no two products are alike. If you are interested in something you see here, please let us know.  We would love to provide you with something that you can cherish for years to come. 

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